Top Places to Buy Your Golf Gear

Golfing is well-known as one of the most competitive sports out there. A player can take years to perfect his or her skills and technique. The smallest thing, such as your golf gear, can make a huge impact on how you play. The technology behind this sport is simply amazing and this is why golf manufacturers are battling each other […]

How to Become an Amateur Golfer

This sport is often known to be highly competitive and rightly so, there is usually a lot of money on the line, championship prizes can reach up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The most well-known players, such as Tiger Woods, are ranked as some of the richest players in the world. While this would be a great career, there […]

How to Properly Care for Your Golf Clubs

The history of golf starts sometime in the 15th century in England. The first golf clubs were simple pieces of wood and the balls were either rounded smooth stone or they were made of leather. The sport obviously evolved and now we have golf clubs that are made of some of the lightest and most complex materials available. These advances, […]