Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

It is very important to make sure to use golf clubs that match your skill level, and this is certainly the case if you are just starting to learn how to play. Initially you may think the sport simple, but, of course, in reality it requires sharp skill and is not the easiest of games to master. This is why it is so necessary for you to be conscientious about the types of irons that you buy when you first start learning to play the game.

The Right Clubs

There are usually some clubs that do not feature in the beginner golf sets. For instance, the lower number irons are often not included because they have a narrow sole which means they are a bit difficult to use. In these sets you will often find that there are hybrid clubs (a perfect mix of iron and wood characteristics) instead of these lower irons. These are in fact easier to use for a beginner since they have a shallow face which enables you to hit the ball further.

Beginner Sets

There are some highly recommended beginner sets that you can consider buying. You need to buy a set of clubs that are fairly easy to use while you are learning. The Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set is one such a set that is popular because it is designed for novice players. The set does not include Irons below number 6. The set has 12 clubs including a sand wedge (SW) and a pitching wedge (PW). The drivers are made of titanium and are lightweight, as are the irons. They also have two hybrid wood irons that are included in this set. Hybrids are recommended for beginners since it is not difficult to get under the ball. The entire Callaway set including the bag is also easy to carry.

Another great set of beginner clubs is the Wilson ProStaff HDX Complete Package Golf Set which is a set of 11. Like the Callaway set, this also starts at the number 6 iron and they have a sand wedge included in the set. The shaft of the woods is made of lightweight graphite and the irons are very easy to use. The heel-toe weighted putter is also very nice. The length of the clubs can also be adjusted which is a huge advantage. The deep center of gravity of the woods makes them amenable to use and helps ensure consistency in how the ball moves.

Nextt Golf Men’s Z1 Complete 17-Piece Set is also a very good beginner set, which can, incidentally, also be used by intermediate players. The set includes a number 5 iron up to and including a pitching wedge. These irons all have a steel shaft. The driver has a graphite shaft and the wood has a steel shaft. There are also two hybrids included in the set. One disadvantage of this kit is that it does not have a sand wedge; however, if need be you can always buy this club separately.