Golf Events in the US

There are many golf events that occur each year in the United States. Most people have probably heard of or are aware of the PGA; the Professional Golf Association, and the women’s LPGA. The PGA tour is really a number of tournaments that are played each year, and in fact has been a regular series for more than 100 years now. While most of the more than 40 tournaments making up the PGA are played in the United States, one or two are played overseas. These are popular with spectators and many young golfers aspire to be able compete in them one day. One of the most notable tournaments on the PGA tour is the Players Championship, which is played each year on the Players Course at Sawgrass in Florida.


The LPGA has been in existence since 1960 and is now just as popular as its male counterpart. Most LGPA championships are held in the United States, but over the years, more and more have been played in other countries. The prize money to be won is in the millions of dollars.

US Golf Open

Another major golfing event in the US is the US Golf Open Championship. The players have to play four rounds on an 18-hole course for a total of 72 holes. The winner is the player who finishes the course with the lowest number of total strokes. Courses that are chosen are usually those that are quite long and difficult so that it is not easy to score and any courses who want to host the championship have to be sufficiently difficult to be considered as a suitable venue.

An issue that sometimes arises at these games is having enough space for spectators. As it has become ever more popular and more people want to go and watch it, there have been times when there has not been enough space to accommodate these spectators. The requirements that have to be met by players who want to compete in this sporting activity are quite strict. In fact, out of the thousands of individuals who apply to play in the US Open each year, only about 150 or so qualify and are allowed to carry on.

US Masters

The US Masters is played on the course at the Augusta National Golf Club every year and is the first major event of the year. The competition is well-known and has many important traditions such as the winner receiving a green jacket. The number of players in this competition is usually smaller than in the others because it is by invitation only.  The prize money for this tournament is quite considerable; earning winners millions of dollars. The Masters is, unlike most of the other competitions, played in the same place each year. This is a rather prestigious event which only really allows the very best players to compete. These very popular golf tournaments are often attended by hundreds of spectators and televised in the US with a large sum of money for the winner.