How Golf Has Grown in Popularity

There were many rumors lately that golf is losing its glamour and that it is going to disappear soon. The facts are here to battle this rumor and to prove that this sport is on a constant rise. In order to better understand the popularity of this game, we have to take a look at its past. The sport first emerged sometime in 15th century United Kingdom and it was hugely popular, but the technology and equipment were obviously much more primitive. At one point the sport was made illegal, during the run of Kings James II and III, they saw it as a distraction to soldiers and therefore banned it.

A Rise in Popularity

Things changed during the rule of James IV who was a true lover of the sport. Even Queen Mary of the Scots was a constant player and developed some of the first golf courses in the world. She was helped by young soldiers on the field and this is the moment when the word cadet first appeared. This was seen as the first major rise in popularity of golf. The nobles started playing in order to be considered glamorous and modern by the kings and queens. From that point on, the game was thought of as a beloved game among the rich and famous.

Fast-forward a few hundred years to the 18th century, the middle and lower classes wanted to join this game too, but the price of the equipment was too high. New producers came on the market and they managed to lower the prices by using new technologies and manufacturing techniques. At this point the sport became more accessible to people of all class types, not just the rich and noble. At the beginning of the 20th century the sport was extremely popular in the UK and, thanks to the immigrants, it soon gained popularity in the United States too.

A Sport with No Limitations

A major point that proved important for the game is the fact that it could be enjoyed by everyone, there were no limits. No matter the age or gender, anyone could join the golf course. This is why it was adopted by many other countries in order to have a nice and relaxing hobby and sport activity for all sorts of people. The first female championships appeared during the 20th century and this was also a major growth in the popularity of this game as it now encompassed women on a professional level.

The 21st century brought major changes in the quality of the courses and equipment and, with it, an ever-growing increase in players. Last year the golf community grew with 2 million new amateur and professional players. The major point here is that the professional players are also considered sports superstars and they are marketed accordingly. We see that the major golf championships are being broadcasted on every sports TV channel all over the world and this is why golf is extremely popular and its rise will definitely not end soon.