How to Become an Amateur Golfer

This sport is often known to be highly competitive and rightly so, there is usually a lot of money on the line, championship prizes can reach up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The most well-known players, such as Tiger Woods, are ranked as some of the richest players in the world. While this would be a great career, there are many that just wish you to able to play golf as a weekend hobby, or as a way to relax after a hard day at work. In between the hobby golfers and the professionals there are the amateurs, this is a highly desired rank and we’re going to help you get to this position.

What is an Amateur

Tomas Gana of Chile winner of the 2017 Latin America Amateur Championship at the Club de Golf de Panama during Round Four on January 15th . (Photo by Enrique Berardi/LAAC)

Usually the term amateur refers to a person that does a sport just for amusement and there are typically no prizes, money or products, involved in playing. In golf it is well-known that the sponsorship for the professional players can reach millions of dollars per tournament. However, an amateur golfer is a person that can win a small amount of money or prizes from the championships, but the level is definitely not comparable with the professional league.

There is an amateur golfer association established especially for this category of players. The purpose is to evaluate the participants and to determine if they can be considered amateur players or if they are just playing for entertainment. The first criteria is to have something called golfing skill. This may sound a bit abstract but there are actually many methods in which you can show that you have it.

How to Become Amateur

First of all, you have to be an active player at either a local or national level. This means that you have to take part in tournaments and championships constantly, otherwise you could have your amateur title golfer retracted. The golf skill is also quantified based on your performance in various golf tournaments. After this you can get something called golf reputation. This shows the degree of success you have in your amateur golf career.

In order to gain these two qualifications, you should have some degree of experience in the game. It is recommended that you constantly go to the course and play in order to keep your skills sharp. Each country has its own amateur golf associations that constantly organize championships for the community. Here you can test your skills and prove your ability. The next step is to go to as many amateur championships as possible in order to build your golfing reputation. It is also very important what you do in those championships, getting constant prizes or getting in top 10 players in most of the championships can guarantee you the amateur golfer status.

Some aspects that have to be taken into consideration are the limitations and realities. An amateur golfer is banned from enrolling in a professional golf association as long as he/she is still a member in an amateur association. Also, some national associations have very strict rules about sponsorship and money prizes. An important thing to take into consideration is that you are not going to make a splash and become millionaire in a year like it sometimes happens in the professional league and that amateur golfing is for serious and dedicated golfers.