How to Properly Care for Your Golf Clubs

The history of golf starts sometime in the 15th century in England. The first golf clubs were simple pieces of wood and the balls were either rounded smooth stone or they were made of leather. The sport obviously evolved and now we have golf clubs that are made of some of the lightest and most complex materials available. These advances, along with decreased prices allowed for more and more players to join the golf community, however, many amateur golfers make the major mistake of poorly maintaining their clubs. Here we have listed some tips and techniques to care for your golf clubs in order to help you get the most of them.

Correct Storage

Many do not know that there is a correct way to store your clubs. There are many beginner players that just throw them in the back of their car after a game and leave them there until the next one. This is very bad for the structure of the clubs as it exposes them to temperature extremes, especially during hot summer months. Likewise, do not leave them in freezing cold places as this causes a contraction of the metal and can lead to a detachment of the grip. Always bring your clubs into your home or garage with you, where they will be in a controlled temperature area.

Keep Them Clean

Always clean your clubs after each and every game. They may look clean, or you feel that you can get away with not cleaning them, but more often than not there is dirt or sand left on them. Left unchecked, this will slowly degrade the metal and it will destroy the quality of your equipment and therefore your game in no time. You can choose to use a normal detergent, or you can invest in a professional specifically for the clubs. The second option is, of course, the best. Take your golf clubs outside with a bucket of water, the detergent and a cloth, mix the detergent with water in the proportions specified on the bottle and them leave the clubs to soak for a few minutes. Take the cloth and start slowly rubbing the equipment. Don’t forget about the body of the clubs and the grip. Make sure they are completely dry before returning them to your bag.

Protect Them

It is also wise to invest in some club covers. They don’t have to be very expensive, think that our grandparents would use socks for this; luckily, now we have multiple options. The purpose of them is to prevent the metal heads from hitting each other. If they do so, they will lose their curvature and the overall quality. Also, make sure that you put on the covers after you cleaned the clubs and let them dry. This way you will prevent any chance of getting rust.

Wear gloves while playing, this is not just a great fashion choice, it will also protect the rubber or leather grip from degrading. Our sweat mixed with dirt or sand is the worst enemy of the grip. Many people have to change them constantly because they leave the grip dirty. Wearing gloves doesn’t mean that you don’t have to clean it, but it will definitely prolong the life of your clubs.