Jaw Dropping Moments in Golf Masters – Looking Over the Decade

Unlike popular mainstream sports like football, basketball or volleyball, golf just does not elicit the same kind of anticipation and excitement in a crowd of spectators. When people hear of golf as a sport, they picture long hours of watching people dressed in preppy outfits trying to hit a teeny-tiny ball and aiming to land it inside a small hole. All this happens while traversing miles and miles of green landscape.

Contrary to popular belief, golf can have surprising moments too. Maybe you just need to be lucky enough to be a part of the excitement to witness an enthusiastic game from the world’s top golfers. Nevertheless, here are a few jaw-dropping moments from the last decade of world golf tournaments.

1.    Jordan Spieth’s Defeat in the Augusta Nationals in 2016

Jordan Spieth entered the competition with a reputation of the golden boy. He had won major awards in the two previous seasons of golf tournaments, so a lot of people were holding their breaths for his performance. And according to the expectation of many, he entered the final round face-to-face with Danny Willett.

He was leading two-thirds of the way into the finals when he made some unfortunate swings that landed into trees and another one into Rae’s Creek. Spieth rallied and tried to catch up on Willett’s lead but ultimately lost the finals.

2.    The Energetic Victory of Scott over Cabrera in 2013

Another notable moment in the last decade of gold tournaments was the energetic, and not to mention, quite dramatic face-off between Australian golfer, Adam Scott, and Argentinian, Angel Cabrera. They were neck-and-neck in the 72nd hole of the Augusta Nationals when Scott snagged a lead over Cabrera with an emotional shout of; “Come on, Aussie.” Despite this, Cabrera was not to fazed by the excitement as he continued to hit his ball three-feet away from the hole. Unfortunately, Scott still bagged the championship for the playoffs with his numerous impressive finishes.

3.    Tiger Woods’ Rotten Luck during the 2013 Masters

When it comes to famous golfers, one of the really few names that come to people’s minds is Tiger Woods. This famous golfer ranks second in the world for having the most number of wins in major championships – and he happens to have 14 in his record. But even the great Tiger Woods can experience a rotten stroke of luck.

In the 2013 Masters, Woods faced a need to execute a delicate shot to score him the solo lead. Sadly for him, his ball rebounded after hitting the flagstick and landed into the water. This cruel blow sank Woods’ hopes of conquering the tournament.

4.    Sergio Garcia’s Successful Eagle in 2017

Getting an eagle in golf means getting a score of two under par – which is basically, a competitive advantage. It is earned by reaching the green area for putting in less than the required number of strokes. Sergio Garcia was presented with a massive eagle opportunity in his game against Justin Rose in the 2017 tournament at Augusta National. Garcia was able to land an eagle which spurred him to with the competition, the first major tournament of his career.