Necessary Golfing Accessories

When you want to get into golf you need more than just the standard golf clubs and bag. There is so much more that goes into the game than the average beginner might realize. Here we list the accessories that will turn your duff into a bogey.

Tees & Scoring

White wooden tees are a must, although some people try to buy fancy tees, the professionals tend to stick with white wooden ones. These may be available free of charge at certain golf clubs if you are a member or you may have to purchase them yourself.

Of course, you should also take a golf pencil on you in order to record your score. It is always a good idea take a couple with you in case you lose one or two. This way you do not have to beg pencils off other players and you do not have to try to remember what your score is. You can accurately record what your strokes are on each hole while playing. A marking pen is another must for the golfer. This will let you mark your ball so that you can identify it among the other balls that may all be within the same area.

Weather Proof

You need to remember that the weather can change so you should always take an umbrella and, if possible, carry a pair of rain gloves. This is an absolute necessity in wet conditions as they will allow you to keep a firm grip on the club when you swing. When thinking about the weather it is also wise to remember that the sun can be brutal and it is easy to get burned on a hot day out on the golf fields. Wearing a cap or hat will protect your face from the sun. Most professional golfers wear a peaked cap for this reason.

Hydration is essential regardless of the weather.  While walking around on the golf links, you are likely to get very thirsty, especially if it is a hot day, so make sure to carry a water bottle on you at all times.

Other Tools

A golf divot or golf pitch fork is a small tool that resembles a fork with two metal prongs on one end. It is used to fix any visible pitch marks on the greens of the course. It is best to try to repair any damage you inadvertently cause while hitting the ball. This shows a respect to your fellow golfers as well as keeping the greens in good repair and helping out the maintenance personnel at the golf club. Make sure to carry a small towel that you can use to clean your ball. The pros may use white towels, but these do show the dirt very quickly, so it may be best for you to buy and carry a darker colored towel since this will not show the dirt as much.

A distance measuring device has quickly become part of the golfers’ everyday toolkit. Knowing the distance you want the ball to travel allows you to select the appropriate golf club though purists may be against this practice.