Players to Watch in Golf This Year

Golfing is definitely a game on its rise. We see that every year there are more and more golfers joining the community. The international championships are prominently displayed on the silver screens and this is one of the reasons why this sport in gaining more and more traction every year. We see some very big names that managed to make history in this sport. Probably the most notorious player is Tiger Woods. Besides the media scandals that surrounded his personal life, he is one of the Golf Hall of Fame members that managed to set new records every year. But let’s see the names that managed to make a mark on the golf community this year.

Chesson Hadley

Chesson is said to be one of the best players this year; while he is not new to the game, he has seen a lot of growth in his career in recent years. He has a very calculated playing style that has managed to bring him countless prizes and awards in the sport. The latest one is Player of The Year award. He also managed to be one of the best paid golf players in the world. He is definitely a true inspiration for many young golfers and one to keep an eye on in coming tournaments.

Justin Thomas

Another great up-and-comer to keep an eye on this year. He is one of the most constant players in the golf community and has managed to win countless championships in his career. His unique style and technique became better refined over the years, bringing him more and more notoriety from both colleagues and spectators. He is extremely pleasant to watch, and many young golfers look up to him and consider him a true model in the golf community.

Jimmy Walker

Here is a player with a very interesting story, he won the PGA Championship in 2016 but ever since then he has not been as successful and had a bit of a tough time. He is battling Lyme disease, and this is a major reason as to why he had to step back from the sport in 2017. He is slowly recovering and had stated that he plans to have a major come-back in 2018. It will be a very fascinating journey that is definitely worth watching.

Aaron Wise

A rookie in the sport, this young player is worth watching. He managed to win the tour in 2017 at the Air Capital Classic. And ever since then he has won several smaller championships as well. He is extremely talented and hardworking, and this is why in the past months he has had a constant growth in his ranking. He may be young, but he is definitely considered one of the future superstars of golf.

There are, no doubt, countless more players that are worth keeping an eye on, whether rookies or seasoned players there is no shortage of talent in this favored sport.