Problems With Flaring Your Foot When Playing Golf

Problems With Flaring Your Foot When Playing Golf
Problems With Flaring Your Foot When Playing Golf

Many amateur golfers follow the philosophy where they open the left hip as soon as they can. It makes them spin out and makes it so that they never get to their left foot. The philosophy they follow makes them have their left foot at a fifteen-degree angle. Teachers and players alike follow this philosophy carefully, and they treat it as the right way to do things. Ever since then, the hip action of the philosophy was debated. But the left foot’s position and angle haven’t been questioned until recently.

The Left Foot’s Flared Position

The philosophy they follow helped the person who started the philosophy thought that the left foot’s flared position might have helped him get the outcome he wanted when he did his swing. However, that isn’t the point since, for more than fifty years, no one has even tried to argue against this philosophy’s positioning of the left foot. The philosophy was accepted by the world of golfing without anyone questioning it. It has caused many golfers significant harm by making their swings slowly fall apart, which probably made them wonder what they’re doing wrong. A poisonous pill was what the philosophy was since, once people started following it, their golf skill would slowly deteriorate.

Completely Wrong Position

This article isn’t meant to show the problems of the philosophy’s hip action, but it’s to explain the issues of the left foot’s flared position. The flared position of the left foot where you have it at a fifteen-degree angle is entirely wrong. The reason that it’s wrong is due to the tailbone since it helps in the swing, where it determines how the hips move. When the left foot is opened up more during the address, the tailbone will angle towards the back more. This type of movement makes it so that, during the downswing, the hips will spin out. It makes it so that they couldn’t turn in time to let themselves move towards their left knee and left foot. Due to the spinning out of the hips, they’ll have their weight move back towards their right foot. That shift of weight causes them to swing that goes across the body from outside to inside.

The Problems With Flaring Your Foot

Multiple issues are guaranteed or worsened if you flare your foot. There are problems with the backswing when you flare your left foot. It discourages your body from fully turning left with your hips. Your left knee gets encouraged to move outwards rather than backwards. The degree your torso can rotate is reduced due to the left hip’s restrictions. There are also problems with the downswing when you have your left foot flared. It makes your left hip spin out more often. On impact, it won’t allow yourself to have a solid post.

The Best Position For The Left Foot

The best positioning you can have for your left foot is quite simple. When you’re at the address, have your left foot face straight ahead while it’s at a ninety-degree angle with the target line. The advantage of having it at this position is that it helps your weight move forward during the downswing. It also makes the chances of you succeeding with a backswing improve substantially. Hitting the ball is more successful when you follow this position. On impact, it will give you a post full of strength, which increases consistency and power.