Qualities of a Great Golfer

In all of my years of playing golf with some very talented golfers, I’ve had the pleasure of finding out more about them. It seems that many great golfers share the same qualities and have a similar work ethic. For many exceptional golfers, it’s not enough to simply play the game regularly, they want to be great at it. What exactly does it take to be a great golfer? Well, there are many different qualities that separate a good golfer from a great one, and here they are.


Man swinging golf club

Man swinging golf club

The best golfers are professionals at eliminating distractions so that they don’t get knocked off their game. Golf is a long game, and no one can concentrate for four to five hours consistently. So, this is why it’s important to relax your mind in between shots. Make sure your thoughts are positive, don’t pay too much attention to those around you, and concentrate on your shots. It’s so important to have a consistent mental pre-shot routine down. Know where and how you’re going to take your shot every time, and this will cause less frustration out there each time you’re up.


Great golfers are naturally confident, and many were just born that way. They are confident in their abilities and confident that they’re going to give it their all. Performance confidence, as well as personal confidence is crucial when it comes to golfing. Performance confidence can be gained by always staying on top of your game and staying prepared. Personal confidence, however, is hard to teach. You can start to gain more confidence by speaking positively over yourself and your life, accepting compliments, and by telling yourself that you’re giving it your all. Regardless, if you win or lose, just knowing you’ve done your best can really boost your confidence.


As mentioned above, golf is an extremely long game, and you have got to have patience. The best golfers know that they need to be patient during the games. In order to become really good at gold, you’ve got to practice, because practice makes perfect. Nobody ever gets it right the first time. So, you’ve got to have the patience to keep at it and keep practicing to perfect your craft. Many golfers have been too impatient and anxious, and ended up losing, simply because they were too eager to take certain shots or holes. Don’t be that person. Always have patience and you’ll go a lot further.

Control over emotions

Great golfers know that their emotional state of mind is really important when they’re out there playing. It’s your mental approach to hitting the ball that’s just as important as your physical approach. Never beat yourself up too much over bad shots, and never allow yourself to get cocky over good ones. Exceptional golfers stay in the moment, which of course, is a lot easier said than done. You want to make sure you’re in the best mental state to think about your next shot and make it the best it can be. Every game of golf is made up of individual shots, and staying focused and level-headed when it comes to each shot can really pay off in the end.


Golf club with golf ball

Golf club with golf ball

Everyone who participates in any game or tournament is competitive, and great golfers are no exception to this. The best golfers are extremely competitive and always on top of their game. No golfer is going to achieve high levels of success by being complacent. It’s important for great golfers to never get too comfortable just because they’ve had a few wins. Always aim to be the best and take the best shots to stay on top. Competitive drive is much different from having a good work ethic. Just because you practice from sun up to sun down doesn’t make you a good player. You need that practice, along with the drive to be the best, in order to win. You can go very far by being competitive and always wanting to win. Be competitive, but don’t be too hard on yourself, especially if you don’t win them all.

As someone who has been an avid golfer for years, there are just certain things you notice about exceptional golfers. Anyone who wants to perfect their golf game and excel at golfing, must possess some, if not all, of these qualities. I enjoy golfing, especially with those who can teach me a few things. When I’m not golfing, you can most likely find me competing with other players on pokerstars webpage. There’s not much I enjoy more than trying to win when it comes to challenging games, so beside golf and online competitions I also prefer these sports: table tennis, chess and darts. However, when I’m out on the grass at my favorite Country Club, I zone in on the game and pay attention to the best golfers out there who have all of these great qualities.