The Problems with Poor Weight Transfer in Golf

You might’ve heard the story that involves a man who was lost on a backroad in the country. The man then asks a local about how to get to a specific town, but the local says that the man can’t get there by being here at the end. If you’ve heard the story, you should try and see how it can relate with a golf swing’s weight transfer. The relation that the story has to weight transfer in golf is as follows: A golfer swings their golf club right to the peak of the backswing, but then he asks his mentor to tell him how to do a weight transfer into his left foot. The mentor then replied that he couldn’t get there from here. Many players can’t transfer their weight since they aren’t in the right position for weight transfer. To succeed in shifting weight, the players need to move away from where they want their ball to go and aim for the trailside. Here is why there are problems and how it can be rectified.


The Swing Goes Too High

When the player starts their downswing and their arms move out and not downwards, then the player isn’t swinging towards the ball. If the player keeps trying, they won’t hit the ball, or they’ll barely make contact with it. The player isn’t swinging at the ball, but they’re swinging at the area around the ball. If the player’s shoulders open up too early and their arms move out but don’t move down at all, then chances are they’ll hit the ball later then expected. What usually happens when the player hits the ball late is that they will try to reverse their swing. The sudden change of movement will cause your body to back up since it feels like its having a problem. The player’s swing will head from out to in, but the angle of the swing is shallow.

Mid-swing Correction Failure

From the perspective of a spectator, you’ll see the reason they are having issues. The reason is that the player tries to keep the swing going without correcting it midstream, which makes them barely hit the ball. They’ll try to change their swing to hit the ball and launch it into the air by lowering their rear side, then raising their front side, and finally swinging upwards from outside. This correction does help the player hit the ball, but the player will have more issues than they began with when they started. The failure to swing correctly is something unconscious that develops over the time they go golfing, so if they keep on playing, they’ll be able to perfect the swing.

The Swing Transition is Steep

When the player swings to the peak and heads downwards on the inside, it makes the club start on a steep inclination, and then the swing is going to be a disaster. The club will most likely be headed right into the grass. The player will find out that they’re having this problem if they keep playing, which will get them to develop the motion where they back up and try to fix the incline of the club.