There is No Excuse for Poor Golf Shots – Senior Citizens Golf

Playing golf is an excellent pastime once you have retired. Many senior citizens take up several activities to keep their minds and body in shape. Whether they choose to travel or stay in their own area, they pick activities that would help them stay on top of their health and wellness. Golf is one of those sports. However, older people who take up golf when they are retired often go to the course only to be able to network with others and spend some time. The ability to play golf is limited to their physical capabilities.

Truth be told, there is no excuse for playing a bad game of golf. This also includes any physical limitations that people have when they get to the line. Many seniors who visit a golf instructor’s course, often complain that they are unable to play well because they have back issues or a problem with their limbs. Golf instructors often understand this and don’t push them more than they wish to be forced to play. However, it is only logical that golf is one of those sports that is highly inclusive and adaptive. Anyone can play the game, and this includes people who are handicapped. Therefore, there is no reason for bad shots at all and anyone can ensure their shots are well placed with whatever limitations they have.

Advice to Seniors

Most golf instructors wouldn’t tell a senior this, but the age of a person has nothing to do with poor shots. You have to be brutally honest with yourself when you play the sport. You can be 80 years old and complain that you were good at one age and you are just not able to be as good anymore. You just have to ensure you make a clean and precise shot considering all your abilities. After all, golf is a sport that enhances skills and downplays any disabilities. Don’t hit the ball behind it, shank or even slice it; but ensure you make a clean sweep is the best advice you can get, to remember.

senior golf
senior golf

See what is possible with your range of motion and perform your swing accordingly. There is no ‘one’ solution when playing golf. You have to adapt to what you can do to hit the ball. Your goal should always be at striking the ball correctly irrespective if your swing is a particular style. Understand that you might not be able to hit the distance you have to achieve and play not to be ideally close to the putt but closest to a good shot. Bad shots in golf are rarely about ageing or lousy swing. It is a matter of solid contact. Take videos of your gameplay and see how you can improve your shots. Yes, you will face aches and pains, but don’t let that stop you from striking an excellent shot. The real fun of the game is to ensure you can hit the ball correctly and that should be the only focus of your swings, strikes and movements.