Top Golf Courses in the US

If you are passionate about the game of golf and really want to find out the best places, then you have come to the right place. The US is known for having some of the best courses, if you’re curious which ones you should visit then browse this article and you are sure to know where to start.

East Coast

The National Golf Links of America is a prestigious golf course in Long Island in New York that covers an area of about 250 acres. Rather exclusive and private, various competitions, like the Walker Cup, have taken place here despite some controversy in the past about its membership policies.

On the opposite side of the country from Pebble Beach and Pasatiempo is Ballyowen Golf Links in New Jersey. The course has been built through farmlands and is consequently in beautifully serene surroundings. There are water hazards on five of the holes and the course is much more challenging than you would think at first glance. It is highly recommended, and you are sure to enjoy the round.

The Tournament Players Stadium Club at Sawgrass, unlike the courses we have already mentioned, was built fairly recently; in 1982. Situated in Ponte Vedra, Florida, it was designed and constructed to host the Players Championship. It is rated as one of the most challenging in the world, with numerous hazards including “waste bunkers” and marshes. A must do for those who want to showcase their skills!

West Coast

If you want to play a round of golf somewhere that feels like you are on a paradise island, then Mauna Kea Golf Course is the place to go. This beautiful golf course is found on the Big Island of Hawaii.  It was revamped in 2007 and an additional 300 yards was added. It is well known for being quite a challenge and, not surprisingly, very scenic with its views of the Pacific Ocean and its lush vegetation. The perfect setting for this game.

One of the best-known golf clubs in the United States, and in the world, is the Augusta National Golf Club. We have already mentioned this particular place in the previous blog and it is worth mentioning again. Georgia has been the home of the Masters Tournament since 1934. The upkeep of the greens teters on the obsessive, which demonstrates how seriously they take golf here. Many great players have made a name for themselves playing here.

California has some of the greatest courses to choose from, and one of these is the 18-hole Pasatiempo Golf Club. Golf experts have often ranked this as not just one of the best golf courses in California, but the entire United States.

Another highly ranked green on which to try your skills is Pebble Beach Golf Links. Every year the PGA tour plays various events and tournaments here and, once again, the scenery is absolutely stunning. In fact, many of the holes are along the coastline. The United States Open has been held five times at Pebble Beach and the course really came to the public’s attention after Jack Nicklaus won the US Open here in 1972.